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Complete Guide to Damodar Kunda Tour Yatra Nepal

Damodar Kund Lake Nepal is a Holy Lake which is situated in the Mustang District of Nepal. Damodar Kunda lake is in the Upper Mustang area of Nepal which is the Northern Himalayan range of the Annapurna Region. Damodar Kund (Lake) is a famous holy place for Hindu people and it lies at an altitude of 4890 meters. People believe that one should reach once in a lifetime to take a holy bath here in Damodar Kunda.

Bathing in Damodar Kunda Lake takes away all the sins (previous & current lifetime). The main source of the Gandaki River (which is a good place to find Shaligram ) is Damodar Kunda Nepal. Damodar Kunda lake is located in Upper Mustang is a restricted area of the Nepal government and a special permit is applied in this area & The permit cost is USD 500 per person equivalent to a single entry to Upper Mustang or Damodar Kunda lake.

Damodar Kunda Yatra Nepal

If you are planning to go to the Damodar Kund Nepal & Muktinath Yatra then the best season is from March to October for Damodar Kunda & Muktinath Temple Tour ber to February is cold and that’s why Damodar Kunda Tour might be difficult with snow in the Lake. The rainy season of Nepal i.e. June to August is better to organize this Damodar Kunda Tour but there will be more chances to get a flight/Helicopter Cancelation.

As we know that the upper Mustang area is the rain shadow area thus there is less rain even in the rainy season. There is also a special fair in the month of August every year on full moon day in Damodar Kunda. Festival time will be great for you to visit the Damodar Kunda.

History of Damodar Kunda lake

According to Barah Puran, the Damodar Kunda / Damodar Lake has its own history. Lord Krishna has said that people who pay a visit to this Damodar Kunda and take a deep bath will be free from all their sins (previous & current life). The two sons of Lord Kuber were suffering from the wrongdoing & sins of their previous birth. Lord Krishna suggested they take bath in this Damodar Kunda lake which is situated now in Mustang Nepal. Immediately after taking a bath in this Kunda both were released from all their sin and wrongdoing.

Where Does Damodar Kunda Lake Locate in Nepal

Damodar Kunda is located in the Mustang district in mid-western Nepal. This area is very close to the Nepal Tibet border. Lying at an altitude of 5,400 meters, Damodar Kunda Trek carries wonderful natural beauty. The Gandaki River, a major Himalayan river originates from this holy lake.

How to Reach Damodar Kunda Lake Nepal

There is a Different way you can reach Damodar Kunda Nepal

  1. Damodar Kunda Yatra by Trekking: You can Reach Damodar Kunda by Trekking via Kathmandu to Pokhara & Pokhara to Jomsom by Flight & from Jomsom you can do the trekking up to Damodar Kunda. it will be about 11 Days Trek altogether from Kathmandu to Damodar Kunda & back to Kathmandu
  2. Damodar Kunda Tour by Helicopter: Damodar Kunda Helicopter Yatra
  3. The helicopter is a Must demanding Trip for Lake Damodar Kunda. You can Make a Direct Helicopter tour to Damodar Kunda from Kathmandu or From Pokhara.

Damodar Kunda Nepal Location Map